Ch-easter-ton Trail

Community Easter egg hunt around Chesterton and fringes is now over. Thanks for taking part! 

Ch-Easter-ton Bunny-05556.jpg
Ch-Easter-ton Bunny-05553.jpg
Ch-Easter-ton Bunny-05505.jpg
Ch-Easter-ton Bunny-05550.jpg
Ch-Easter-ton Bunny-05545.jpg
Ch-Easter-ton Bunny-05506.jpg
Ch-Easter-ton Bunny-05510.jpg

Community Easter Egg Hunt!

The trail ran from 28 March - 10 April. We are still collecting gorgeous photographs of your arty creations, to share them on this site and social media.

The Chesterton Easter Egg hunt is organised by West Chesterton Mutual Aid to provide fun walks and other activities during Spring 2021. Walk on our route and hunt the Easter eggs!

This is our second Chesterton Trail - check out our gallery to see the best photos from the Animal Trail in Autumn 2020. 


Chesterton Trail

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